Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Fun - Goat Show

We just arrived home from a wonderful evening watching my good friend Tracy Dendinger judge the Harrison County Goat Show.  She is an Agriculture Education teacher and Sheep breeder and does an excellent job judging and coaching young 4-H and FFA members.  Watching her judge in a very interactive way is more like watching a clinic than a show. I was able to sit with Jacie and Jaelin and we learned a lot about goats.  Jaelin;s first question was of course when are the cattle coming out.  I had to explain that this wasn't a steer show.  We clearly need to introduce more species to her.  Jacie had a lot of questions including what happens to the goats after they are shown.

The girls enjoyed a Lemon Shake-Up from the caged bleacher area.  Jake and I really enjoyed this seating option. They thought being fed through the cage was like bottle feeding calves.

They then decided they wanted front row seats to finish their Shake-Up and enjoy the lemons.

Watching Tracy's passion for education in the show ring is inspiring. 

The girls took at least 100 pictures of Tracy judging.  Most of the pictures do not include her head.  However I will share this picture taken by Jacie.

Thanks Tracy for inviting us to watch.  It was a wonderful family experience and the girls learned a lot.


  1. Thanks Janice......pretty sure I have not been blogged about before. So what's the answer to the question about where do the goats go? Enjoyed seeing all of you and glad you learned something about goats. Bit you missed the pleasure driving class!

    1. I told her about the sale they have at the end of the fair and how the kids earn money for college and she didn't ask anymore. :) We will have to catch the pleasure driving class at your next goat judging event.