Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Perry County Fair - Tug Pull

The all night Tug Pull at the Perry County Fair will be tomorrow night and last all night and into Friday morning.  You have to be a professional to hang with this kind of crowd.  I am not.  My brother will pull and probably stay up all night.

I believe the best part of a tractor pull are the people with stories behind the tractors. Jason started pulling tractors at a very young age at the Glenford Tractor Pull.  Jason drove and I rode with him (on the same seat) to Glenford from the farm on all back roads for his first tractor pull. The John Deere 50 was one of the oldest tractors on the farm.  Grandma would often tell stories about baling hay with this tricycle front end tractor with a hand clutch.  It just seems so hard to imagine it.  Most of the tractors at a pull have a story of what work they use to do or may still do today.

Grandpa met us there. Grandpa gave him a pep talk and probably told him which gear to put it in and how much throttle he would need.  But I am just guessing.

Jason has since bought a John Deere G and restored it. He will be pulling it tomorrow night.  Good luck Jason!

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