Friday, July 13, 2012

The Friday Fix

This came in the mail yesterday and I groaned to the Postmaster as she handed the certified package over the counter.  I said I have a feeling this package is going to be the beginning of a lot of expensive hard work. Here it is.

Inside this document are drawings, graphs, charts, notes and the design to the new manure management facility required by law for 4+Feeders.  More on this project will be featured on for the love of beef.  This will be the biggest most expensive improvement project Jake and I have been a part of to date.  But, knowing Jake it won't be our last.

Answers to the Last Friday Fix:

 Voltmeter, current meter and short finder in one. Saves hours checking fence lines for shorts.

2. This measures the current in the electric fence in kilovolts.

3.  The higher the number the better.

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