Monday, June 4, 2012

Second Cousins at Play

I spent most of my summers playing with my Poorman cousins at the farm.  Their mom and my aunt often drove the square baler and my mom was a registered nurse, so our grandma would watch all of us. Once we were older and we didn't need a babysitter we still hung out quite a bit at the farm through the summer.

I was home this weekend for a Dairy Feeder Clinic, Ohio Cattlemen's Best Banquet, a couple graduation parties and a cataract appointment for Jaelin.  I suggested to my cousin Jamie that I would just bring her boys back with me to play with the girls until the end of the week.  They decided it might be fun and we loaded up.  When we got back I thought they might not have as good of time as I had hoped.  That was until Jake showed up.

Before Jake showed up there was the roof of the playhouse, a kiddie pool, moon sand and play dough. 

Jake then appeared out of nowhere and needed to put some mineral out to his cows, so we decided to ride along.

We even took Jag and Chip
 Then because the girls never take Jake's dares, he dared Luke to get in the water tank.  Jake said if he would get in the tank (which was very cold) he would take everyone for ice cream after supper. So, Luke did without any hesitation.
 Jake started the trip by telling the kids he saw a dead turtle the other day.  Then the rest of the trip went something like this: where do turtles live, how did the turtle die, why did he die in the drive, where is it, can we see it, how did you know it was dead, is it still there, can we see it, what kind of turtle is it, can we see it and so on.  We found the turtle.
Luke of course went right over and picked it up and investigated it. He probably would have done a necropsy and he still may.  He let everyone look into the shell.  He then told Jake he was taking it home.  Jake of course told him he could and told him he would need to put it in a bag because the decaying turtle smells is so terrible.  You are so welcome Jamie and Matt!

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