Friday, June 1, 2012

Poorman - History

The Hatfields and McCoys mini series on the History Channel has inspired me to write this about our Poorman history.  Although not exciting enough to get a mini-series, I will still mention it.

There is a letter that been found at the farm from J.F. Vinal and Co. of 500 5th St. N.W., Washington D.C. regarding a claim made by Peter Poorman dated June 7, 1888 seeking compensation of $57.

"I made a diligent inquiry at the different beaureauxs of Treasury and War Departments for the claim of Peter Poorman for the loss of a horse and colt by seizure by a lieutenant of the Army during the Morgan raid."

Apparently the colt died from the disruption.  There is a series of letters regarding the claim but no indication whether the claim was compensated.  I am just wondering if the government owes the Poorman's $57 with interest for 124 years what that amount would be. Morgan's raiders did a lot of destruction in Perry and Morgan counties.  They burned a number of buildings.  This claim puts Morgan's troops or those in pursuit of Morgan in the vicinity of the farm in 1863.

Thankfully all our family lost was colt.

Another document that was found was from the Army and Navy, which details the compensation for the injuries received during the war.  A few representative items include: total blindness, loss of both hands or both feet - $72/month, loss of one hand or one foot - half at $36/month, loss of a middle finger $6/month, loss of hearing in one ear - $1/month (there were others).  It also stated colored soldiers were entitled to the same bounty.

Another piece of history was that Obed Poorman received a summons to court to be a presiding judge of elections of Hopewell Township in Perry County in 1896.  The certificate of appointment stated "you are hereby notified and commanded forthwith to appear in person before . . . under penalty of law." Obed took his turn.

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