Sunday, June 24, 2012


Stop complaining . . . start a revolution.


I loved reading numbers.  It was a great read.  I don’t think it was as good as Genesis, however it had some great messages.

The start of the book included the census of all the people.
The census was followed by specific jobs given to the groups of people.  Each person was provided a job unique to their skills. I thought that seemed like today, when there are people that just seem to be so perfect for their job.

Overall the message that reappears over and over in Numbers is the same one that my former student,  Brian Klingenberg said he saw on a bumper sticker this week and posted on Facebook that states “Start a Revolution and stop COMPLAINING.”

 I thought awesome, someone summed up Numbers on a bumper sticker.

While Moses was leading the Israelites to the Promise Land, God had Moses “take them around the mountain” again.  Or actually wondering  in the desert another 40 years because of all of the complaining they continued doing.  God even killed people because they complained so much.

This made me begin to wonder how many times God has taken me around the mountain again, because of my complaining.  Have I missed my Promised Land, because of my complaining.

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