Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A new meaning for Fly Over States


Upon reading this article I have some really controversial thoughts in my head.  I am at war with myself on this issue.  This is why I have been ruminating this for a week.

The moral - want to do the right thing - financially conservative person I am says:

- it has to be considerably cheaper to fly over these feed yards, ranches and look for "large" problems

- it is the right thing to do, to let someone on behalf of Americans look at our feed yard and make sure we are not knowingly polluting our natural resources

BUT THEN . . .

There is the conservative, private, less big government, the need for small successful business thinking, what will be next, don't you have other things to do side of me that says:

- I really don't want the government flying overhead tracking my existence

- I would rather the government focus more on exporting more beef and other ways to help beef producers and other small business owners

- if they begin tracking us by air - where will that lead

- it would be better for our feed yard if the NDEQ would look at our paperwork we sent months ago, so we could move forward with the waste management plans we need in order to be more environmentally friendly

With those thoughts, I really don't know where I stand on the situation.  What do you think?

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