Thursday, June 14, 2012

Making Ordinary Days, Extraordinary

Today is June 14th, which means it's Flag Day and my father-in-law Robert's and his twin sister's Rosie's 59th Birthday.  Along with all these celebrations, it is Jake and I's 9th Wedding Anniversary.

ONE of my character flaws is that I expect a day this special to have some kind of major celebration. Nothing is ever big enough - I dream of movie star like celebrations. We all know this is not possible, but a girl can dream.

This dreaming is always interrupted by reality.

Last night we had a major catastrophe when some cows got out and ate someone else's corn.  This caused a late supper and then spilled over into this morning, when 22 more cows needed to be found and this group of cows would need to be hauled somewhere else.
Girls you get home right now - you are in big trouble.

I went to bed knowing this would change my small plans to spend the day with Jake (so I thought).  I also knew it would definitely change the plans where Jake and I would fly to NYC on the 4+ Feeders private jet for dinner and a show. Okay I really never thought that would happen.

I really was just thinking that we would take the girls to Bible School and spend a few hours alone and then maybe lunch. Then later we would make a great dinner including steak and maybe watch a movie when the girls went to bed.

But the day turned out a little better than I thought when Jake announced he would have to haul cows (you know the ones that ate the neighbors corn) after lunch to another pasture.

I've been driving a truck and trailer (an 18 ft. trailer) since a couple years after I got my license.  I would haul fat cattle for my dad to Producers and Muskingum Livestock.  I have average forward trailer driving ability.  Meaning I can't back up and I don't go through the drive thru at McDonalds.  I have always had a strong want to learn both of those skills.

Today I decided when Jake said A) He wasn't in a hurry and B) It would be just the girls, him and I, that today was the day I would try to hone my skills of backing a trailer. So I did.
The truck and trailer I drove today.  This trailer is 26 feet long.

My co-pilot.

Jake's rig.

Jake's co-pilot.

I have been backing up things since before I had a drivers license.  Mostly I would back tractors and at one time I was really good at backing a tractor with a square baler around a full load of square bales to hook to an empty wagon.  This skill proves to be a problem when backing a truck and trailer, where using the mirrors is detrimental.
I have a love/hate relationship with this thing.

After a small disagreement on backing techniques with Jake, I did improve my skill.  I have not perfected it yet.

Please share how you make an ordinary day - EXTRAORDINARY.
I would also love to hear who taught you how to drive a truck and trailer and the most challenging places you take a truck and trailer.  I may add them to my challenge list for the summer.

Oh- Jake, I and the girls ended up in Pennsylvania for a Texas Roadhouse dinner, which did include steak.

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