Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Your invited to the Ag. Pizza Party

Who doesn't want to be invited to a pizza party.  This time the Ag. Community is hosting. The party is going to be held May 18-20.  No RSVP is required just stop by and order pizza at your local Domino's.  This is a celebration as well as a grassroots movement to support those that support us. Take Domino's to your neighbors, a single mom and her kids, 4-H or FFA meeting, to the field, it really doesn't matter just order Domino's and lots of it. They also want you to take a thank you to Domino's when you pick up your pizza.

A well known animal activist group is bargaining, harassing, threatening, leveraging restaurants to only purchase their pork from producers not using gestation stalls.  The principal of gestation stalls is for another blog.  However we really need to address the issue of who should make the decisions of how animals are raised.  I don't feel that it should be Wayne Pacelle of the HSUS. I do feel these decisions should be made by animal scientists, farmer/ranchers that have successfully brought food to their families and neighbors for generations and economists.  America needs to really start looking at what our decisions about food, helping others, war, taxes, laws, etc. affect our bottom line. Maybe money shouldn't matter when considering some things, however it should always be talked about.  I would like to think that is how our American families are making their decisions.

Because of this comment,
“We rely on animal experts to determine what is the best way to raise an animal that’s being used for food,” Tim McIntyre, Domino's spokesperson, responded following the vote.
and because we have a big wedding weekend ahead we celebrated tonight the common sense thinking of Domino's.

Thanks for supporting this great movement. I also believe this won't be the end.  I expect to see bad if not horrific backlash from HSUS for Domino's not conforming.  Domino's may have to conform at some point because of HSUS.  I will rest, because they were with us first and they took a stand.  THANK YOU - DOMINO'S!

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