Thursday, May 17, 2012

2 Amigos in Nebraska

My brother Jason and my husband Jake who were college roommates (see for the love of beef (part 2);postID=3707656819694067302) and still friends ventured to Nebraska to check on the feed yard last week.

When Jason travels with Jake he always seems to convince Jake that they need to stop at a Casino or a junk yard.  This time it was a junk yard for John Deere G rims. The two of them think they are the American Pickers of farm machinery. It's in their genes, so you can't hardly blame them.

Jason also likes to pretend he is an all American cowboy after he crosses the Mississippi.  Jason farms with my dad and uncle and they run cows.  Jason has never owned a horse or chaps.  When he arrives at the feed yard though he enjoys riding and dressing the part.  Last visit it was the chaps (see Update from the feed yard:;postID=420952941235764647 ).  This time he brought his cowboy hat with him.  You would have to know and "try" to understand Jason to really find the enjoyment in these pictures.

Upon arriving at the 4+ Feeders they went right to work. They got the roller mill running, which means we are now able mill corn.  Another option we are able to offer our customers.

The two of them were also able to replace the roof on the office.  They shipped some cattle, billed our customers and handled some odds and ends jobs.  The trip also included a few "business" meetings with the neighbors and friends and I believe a trip to the Elks.

The feed yard is doing well considering this is a slow time for yards.  When grass is growing a lot of cattle are put on grass for cheaper gain.  Cattle will start coming back into the yards in late August depending on what summer is like and how the grass grows.  The lot is currently operating at about 2000 head and we are expecting cattle in the next week after this weeks shipping.  We always have room if you would like to invest in the cattle market. (couldn't resist the opportunity for a commercial)

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