Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Working cows with my brother-in-law Andy

Over the weekend while at Katy's wedding I began thinking about Andy's Best Man speech at our wedding almost 9 years ago.  Hopefully one day it will be digital and I will share it on here.  Today while working these cows with Jake, Andy and their Dad, I was thinking about when we used to work cows before Jake and I were married.

I have always admired Andy's talent while working cattle.  I've never seen him flinch when it comes to working cattle.  He will jump behind, in front of and maybe even over them although I have never witnessed the latter, any cow.  He had to have been kicked by cattle more times by the time he was 10 than most Americans.  When he was younger he was even rolled down the hill by an old cow. He also gave himself a shot of blackleg vaccine when he was younger.  Apparently they put him the hospital, to watch him.  That probably doesn't happen to a lot of kids.

I really want to learn to run the head gate and catch cows.  However, I always quickly surrender the head gate to someone more talented and faster on the draw.  I really want to learn, but when timing is everything we really don't have time for someone to learn.  If you miss one cow and have to retrieve her to put a straw of semen or shot in her it could cause problems, anger and annoyance and I don't want any of those things directed at me.  However Andy also like his Dad and Jake are able to quickly catch cows and rarely miss.

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