Wednesday, May 9, 2012


I volunteered to help roll out the new Beefonomics class designed by the Ohio Beef Council. This program would not be possible without the beef check off dollars. This program is geared towards Family and Consumer Science Classes in local high schools.  This information is being presented to future mealtime decision makers.

Yesterday Jaelin and I went to Krogers to find the ingredients for the recipe we would be making.  This was only the second time I've ever purchased beef at the grocery store.  It was enlightening as I was introduced to the problems many mom's may have when choosing a beef cut.  I was looking for top sirloin steak.  As I was browsing the meat case, Jaelin was moving the large "car cart" that she talked me into pushing around.  I hate that cart with a passion.  It is enormous and it does not move very well.  By this time, Jaelin is out of the cart moving it around and hitting the meat case and almost an older woman.  I was becoming frustrated.  I am now thinking a working mom after work with her hungry kids, just gave up on our product. I do believe the labels on how to cook the meat were very helpful and kudos to whoever designed them and for the beef check off dollars for supporting them.  The labels however still were not helping me find the top sirloin steak.  I finally just asked the woman who was placing meat into the case.  I was pleasantly surprised by how helpful she was. She found me the top sirloin steak, and then she even answered my questions about a substitute for the steak I was choosing.  *Note to self and others - When shopping with kids just ask the butcher to help you find the cut for the recipe you want to make your family. 

Today Andy Johnson from the Ohio Beef Council came and met me at Union Local High School to help me with my first Beefonomics lesson.  It went well.  Andy designed a power point presentation  that explains how long it takes to get beef to the plate, what beef producers do for the environment, economics, what nutrition aspects it brings to your body, what lean cuts beef offers, how to cook beef properly and how to handle it safely.  In addition to all of that we also cooked a stir fry.  It was a lot of information in a short period of time.  It led to great conversation and I had a great time sharing our beef story with both fellow beef producers and to high school students who just enjoy eating beef. We left the students with a challenge to create a video, using the rubric to pick a recipe and take us through the process of choosing the beef cut to enjoying it with their friends and family.  Prizes will be awarded and videos will be linked to the Beef Council Website. I am excited to see what is shared.

If you are interested in learning more about the Ohio Beef Council or Beefonomics -

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