Thursday, May 10, 2012

And the Grammy goes to . . .

I have come to the conclusion that I probably will never be famous or win an Oscar, Grammy or make it to the Big Leagues.  Nor will I see my name in lights, be on the cover of a magazine or win a gold medal.

BUT . . .

Tonight a group of high school students from the Union Local FFA Chapter invited me to their banquet and gave me this FFA Honorary Degree and thanked me for helping them.  They even asked if I would get my picture with them.  This is actually my second "Grammy" this year another group of students in Lexington, Nebraska gave me an Honorary Degree this year and the Chief Logan FFA presented one to me in I believe 2002.  I know to my non FFA readers, this may seem strange, but I think these are better than a Grammy.

My acceptance speech is this.  Thank you to God for giving me the gift to teach and placing me in a rural place with a love for Agriculture.  Thanks to all of my mentors for continuing to help me grow.  Thank you to all of the students along the way that have listened to my advice, guidance and knowledge, even though at some points during my coaching/teaching you all thought I was completely nuts and a little pushy.  Thank you to my parents for a great start in life, with no major issues to see a counselor over.  Thank you to my husband who tolerates my addiction to the best youth program in the world the FFA.  A final thank you to my two wonderful daughters that know more about the FFA than others their age, please don't let your burn you out before you get to wear your own corduroy jacket.

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