Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The missing cow has been found.

In March when we got close to the AI date,  (The AI date is the day that the cows that should have been bread artificially should deliver their live calves.) Jake started checking these cows really closely only to realize that R424 was missing.  He told me and I was concerned because she may need help calving and the loss of a cow is about $1200 in today's market. Jake and Steve both looked for this cow.  Jake even went back a week later to search for her.  He spent several hours in the rain covering almost every piece of the State ground that is leased to run these cows.  She was no where to be found.  Jake told me I really think she is dead.  We were both disappointed.

Today the State Department of Natural Resources called Steve telling him there were at least 5 cows over there.  He went over and found one cow with a really nice bull calf.  It was R424 and she had successfully calved and has been vacationing in a private area for a month.  She is back among the heard.  I will try to get a picture, next time I see her.  However since she apparently likes to be alone, I am not sure what kind of photo shoot she will allow.

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