Friday, April 20, 2012

for the love of beef (part 8)

On Friday the 13th we had our rehearsal dinner in the neighbors farm shop.  It was a great evening and we had a wonderful meal planned by my mother in law and cooked by her and several other family and friends. It was a great evening!

It is now June 14, 2003, the house is not finished.  However we deemed it livable after the honeymoon.  Neither of us wanted to move back in with our parents as a newlywed couple.  We had no kitchen and carpeting went in a couple days before the wedding. It was a long summer.

It was raining that morning and I was a little bummed because we had plans for the wedding party to have a hay ride from the church to the reception.  I headed from my parent's house to Newark to get my hair and make up done.  Jake and his friends (including my brother) were supposed to be doing some last minute things for the wedding and reception.
Mary, Amber, Katy, Jamie, Me, Jenny, Marie, Kelly and Amy

Andy, Travis, Joe Lee, Ben, Jake and RJ, Lippy, Matt, Nick, Jason
By the time I reached the church it had stopped raining and my bridesmaids were gathering in the church basement.  They all had the same color dresses but each had a different top.  To compliment the differences they each got a different bouquet.  The boys were I have no idea where doing things I still don't want to know about.  My mother showed up with food for everyone, which saved the day.

It was soon time for the ceremony, where Father Dennis married us.  It was beautiful!

We then had several pictures taken.  By now the sun was shining and the hay ride with our bridal party to the reception was a great time.

When we reached the reception it was 100 questions for me music, toasts, cake, food, etc..  Not Jake, he was off talking with everyone. We had a wonderful caterer that served Wolfinger beef and homemade noodles that my Grandma Poorman and I spent most of the winter making. Every time we needed to dance, toast, take a picture or kiss we first had to send a search party for Jake.  We even had to find him when it was time to surprise his Dad and his Dad's twin sister Rosie with a 50th Birthday Cake.  We chose their birthday for our wedding day. Unfortunately I didn't feel like I got to see or talk to anyone.
No one had a better time at our reception than Jake's brother Andy.  He gave a wonderful toast and then danced with everyone there.

It felt like I turned my head and everyone was gone.  Jake finally revealed the surprise honeymoon would be to Cancun and I was excited to leave the country for the first time and lay on the beach.

We left soon after that and headed to change our clothes and head for the Hyatt in Columbus for our Honeymoon night.  We were leaving in the morning for Cancun.

We checked into the hotel.  We started asking a lot of questions about each other's day.  After all this was the first time we had really talked in 24 hours.  I found out that he had greeted almost all of our guests as they came into the church.  I was jealous because I was locked up in the basement.  I said I can't believe so and so didn't come and he would say yeah they were there.  By the end of the conversation I was saddened that I had missed a lot of our guests. The whole day seemed like a big blurr. However I was now Mrs. Jake Wolfinger and we were now working on the happily ever after.

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