Tuesday, April 10, 2012

an accidental field trip

While I was in Chicago I met a fellow blogger/mom/farmer's wife.  We may have more in common but with a limited 36 hours I didn't find out.  She is raising two boys on a dairy farm in Minnesota http://zweberfarms.com/blog-2/  I have always been intrigued with dairies.

I didn't grow up around many dairy farms.  However my dad sold seed corn for my entire childhood and when ever he could I am sure he would sneak out the back door after supper to see his customers.  Sometimes though he would let us ride along and I always enjoyed the stops to dairy farms, especially during milking time. There is something peaceful about a milking parlor.  When I met Emily at the US Farmers and Ranchers Alliance gathering it brought back so many memories from my childhood. When I got back from Chicago I had volunteered to sub for the local Agriculture Education teacher and he has a finalist for the State Dairy Proficiency in class.  I then had a light bulb moment, my kids have never been to a dairy and we should go see his dairy during spring break.  So, I asked and Ben said we could come any day and they milk at 4:30PM.

There is something about a loafing barn that screams Spring Break
Jacie's friend's mom called on Thursday and said she would like to take me up on the offer to come out and see our baby calves Jacie has been feeding.  I said that would be great, but asked if she wanted to go see a dairy first.  Then I thought I should call my other friend Stephanie who has two adorable children and then I thought she should probably ask her neighbor who has a boy that is in kindergarten.  Then it dawned on me short of a bus this was a field trip.  I thought I should call Ben back to make sure it would be alright if I brought this mini agriventure to his farm.  He said "sure, no problem".  It was a wonderful day for the mom's who needed out of the house for a gorgeous walk and for the kid's who also needed out of the house for some much needed sunshine.

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