Tuesday, March 13, 2012

tutus and politics

The cattlemen's organization is an organization representing cattlemen.  It's really just like most other non profit organizations that represent a group of people like a teachers group, church group etc.  The Ohio Cattlemen's Association is having it's annual expo this upcoming weekend.  This is an exciting time for cattlemen to come together for socialization, updates on the industry and technology, and even bring their best stock to town.

The other great thing about the Expo is we will be able to raise money for our PAC (Political Action Committee) which is distributed to candidates and other political issues that are in the interest of the majority of the cattlemen in our state.  Yes I say majority because just like every organization we always don't agree on candidates and issues.  However I do believe as a girl who payed her dues to the teacher's organization for eleven years it is important to be united even if we don't all agree.

With that being said I really wanted to donate something unique to the PAC auction.  There are always so many nice items including OSU football tickets, beef cow art, beautiful etched art and gift baskets of beef items.  This is what I came up with.  I made this pink and yellow tutu and then appliqued a beef steer to a shirt to match the tutu. What cattle girl doesn't need a tutu?

Interested in the Expo or the PAC auction see: http://www.ohiobeefexpo.com/ 

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