Sunday, February 26, 2012

Purchasing Freezer Beef

I have a wonderful father-in-law.  He is the kind of man that would do anything for you.  Here is a for instance, when Jake and I first got married and I was leaving for school (to teach) I realized that my car keys were missing and Jake had already left.  I don't know where Jake was, but the only person that was going to be able to help me was Robert.  I call Robert and by this time I am going to be late to school. So, Robert drives across town and then drives me another 35 minutes to school.  When we finally get to school he asked me if I needed lunch money.  I said no I am good, but thanks for the ride. 

Robert and his granddaughters. 

Anyway I called him last week after our directors meeting at the Ohio Cattlemen's and told him they were short one and possibly two cattle for the Beef 509 course.  The catch is you have to market your own carcasses at the reduced butchering rate of $200 per animal.  This price is a heck of a deal, however our freezer are full.  

Tonight in a desperate attempt to help out my father-in-law, the Ohio Cattlemen's and the Beef 509 participants I am using my blog as a commercial. Ok, lets face it I am always doing a commercial on here for beef, FFA or Agriculture in general and I make no apology for it. I need to market 11/2 carcasses.

The first question when purchasing freezer beef is usually how much does it cost.  Although I can't give you an exact price, I will tell you the formula and give you the probable price range.

First: They will be weighed live on the hoof.  Estimate range 1200 - 1400 pounds

Second: There will be a dressing percentage which is determined by the part not sold to beef consumers. However it is marketed to other consumers.  You are not responsible for these pounds to purchase.  Estimate range : 62% - 64%

Third: This will determine the carcass weight or hanging weight or the amount of pounds you will purchase. Estimate on average: 1300 x .63 = 819 pounds
* There is an option to buy half the carcass

If the carcass weight is 819 pounds  X $2.14 per carcass pound = $1752.66 for the whole carcass. You also will have to pay $200.00 for the processing.  The total purchase for a whole beef = 1952.66

So if you are a mom on a budget.  I am talking to the middle class working families, the ones that almost $2000.00 is a lot of money and you like to pay your bills every month. Here is the nuts and bolts if you can scrounge together $2000.00 or half $1000.00, ground chuck as far as I can tell averages around $3.00 per pound and that doesn't count the steaks you can get if you choose with this selection, all for $2.38 per pound.

I am hoping this blog this evening is educational and also helps Robert sell his 1 1/2 carcasses.

As always thank you for supporting Beef Producers!

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