Saturday, February 25, 2012

FFA Week - National Convention

My final FFA Week Celebration Blog is a celebration for all of the great times and no sleep had on National Convention trips.

National Convention trips have been a wonderful experience for so many FFA members over the years.  For me it was the first time I flew in a plane.  That of course was pre cell phones, so we would wait in the lobby of the hotel at a bank of pay phones to call our parents collect.  I wonder if high school kids even know how to use a pay phone to call collect.

National Convention as an advisor is so much less fun, high stress and way more responsibility.  I was always so afraid that I would lose a student.  I remember yelling at a group of freshman for shopping at a mall without permission.  They just didn't understand why I was "freaking out".

There are always issues with rooming assignments. It is either a group of 10 girls that think they would all like to stay together in one hotel room or the person that doesn't want to stay with so and so.  I always let people going on overnight trips get a small piece of paper and told them to write down one person they wanted to stay with and one person if they had to stay with it would just ruin their entire trip.  I would also preface that with if there is more than one person that you can't get along with on the trip, maybe you shouldn't go.  I never had any rooming issues wants all of those things were said.

One of my favorite parts of convention . . . Opening Ceremonies

Oh and then the other issue the algebra problem of number of bus seats verses number of bed spaces.  You also have to use the formula that girls can't room with boys and boys can't room with girls.  The formula also has to include leaving one room open for the bus driver and no bus seat or bed can be empty or the trip won't break even.  They don't teach that kind of algebra at The Ohio State University.

The haunted boat outing that the FFA advertised and the lovely lady told be she would take her own children threw - really.  I thought I would lose my job over this haunted boat. We all made it out alive mostly unharmed.  

The only pictures I have of my first state officer above and below. Sorry Hilary! They are all in the official scrapbook.

The Buckeye Bash!

The End!

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  1. It made me cry! I miss this so much. FFA is amazing. I am still in contact with the friends I made. And the summer loves found. Oh goodness. I hope I can be half the advisor you were for me. I love reading your blogs!