Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Limestone and Irony

When we lived in Nebraska I posted on Facebook I missed in no particular order Bob Evans, Conn's Potato Chips and Limestone.  Because I love life and the irony of life, I write this evening telling you that I believe I can live without limestone in my world.  Jake and I are living on a gravel (limestone) road in eastern Ohio.  This is not like the gravel (sand) road we lived on in Nebraska.  When it rains instead of the road grader coming by like it did in Nebraska a dump truck comes by dumping large limestone gravel/boulders. I have bought four new tires and just today got my second patch.  I believe that is irony.

On the subject of Irony I share this song.  I remember being a state officer and since I rarely listened to anything that wasn't country I had never heard this song.  After Emily Buxton introduced it to me, I went out and bought the CD.  Today made me think of this song and Emily.


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