Monday, February 13, 2012

I heart cows on stalks

I love to watch cows grazing corn stalks.  In fact Jake, I and the girls sometimes have driven around to find cows on corn stalks. In Ohio the drive is usually much farther then when we lived in Nebraska.  It seems natural for cows to graze on stalks after harvesting corn.  It is a great use of the left over corn and residue for use as cheap feed sources for cows about to calve.  It also helps break down residues and cows spread their own manure with very little expense. This provides opportunity for cows to produce a natural and more economical fertilizer.  They even spread the manure for free. AWESOME! However there are some reasons why cows don't graze corn stalks after harvest including a lack of fencing, mud (Ohio issue), traffic on roads (Ohio issue). A fact, in Nebraska cows have the right of way on the road, meaning you hit a cow on a Nebraska road and you are at fault.  Unfortunately in Ohio if someone hits your cow, you could be sued.

I love how a cow will find a corn cob and chew off the corn and spit out the cob.


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