Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FFA Week - Lexington Nebraska

I had the opportunity to teach in Lexington, Nebraska in the heart of the Agriculture Industry.  Ironically most of the students lived in town, but a majority of their parents worked directly with Agriculture. The opposite of Logan, Ohio. I spent a lot of time managing the college quality welding laboratory. I benefited from the knowledge of  Jim Hoyt, who taught Industrial Technology and shared "the barn" with me.  He always had a great piece of advice and taught me the lesson of 101 things high school kids can do to break a MIG welder and how to fix them. I had an awesome experience, we . . .

. . . welded A LOT

. . . we served steak to Agricultural Community members and then we ate steak

. . . we picked up all the dishes

. . . and we washed them, yeah Kody that is what I said we are going to wash them.  You never told us that Mrs. Wolfinger. Yeah I left that part out, I thought you might not show up.  :)

. . . we dressed up and went to Lincoln for State Convention.  They let me drive and it was the windiest day in Nebraska I had experienced and on I80 in a school van - it was bad.  They complained, but we made it and no one physically got car sick.

. . . I never had the chance to manage a large greenhouse and so we planted plants in the greenhouse and they got ate by pocket gophers and then we planted again and they were eaten again and then we planted again and the heater went out and the plants died.  So we planted again (you thought I would quit, didn't you) and our crop matured earlier then Nebraska gardeners wanted to purchase them.  I was thinking thank goodness the other three crops didn't make it.

The highlight of all field trips I have ever planted.  We went to Tyson Beef Packing, Cornhusker Energy the local ethanol plant, a vet clinic and a 40,000 head feedlot in one day without leaving the zip code.

We had a wonderful FFA Banquet and gave away numerous awards.  The delicious meal was made by one of my friends/co-teachers/parent of FFA member, Tammy Kenton.  Everyone loved it.

I thought we should move the Baby Animal Fair back a month so it would be warmer. That didn't work out - I had an ear infection, the wind was blowing and it was cold.  I am obviously a little whimpy, here is Lucas in a t-shirt.

. . . everyone worked really hard

. . . some even got up early to fish for some unique baby animal fair exhibits.  The biggest hit of the day was the frog.

. . . we had  a horse and behind that a livestock pot.  The kids thought it was a fun house and ran and hid all through it.  Teachers had to bribe their kids to get out.

Thanks for the memories Lexington.

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