Monday, February 20, 2012

FFA Week - FFA Camp

Everyone that has spent a week at FFA Camp Muskingum knows it is the quietest, most peaceful serene place on earth that you can take 250 high school campers.  Hey where else can you go as a high school student where

 . . .  they will let anyone drive the motor boats

. . . because they let anyone manage the motor boats

. . .  sometimes you are glad to just rest with some familiar faces and realize that everyone is in need of a shower

. . . listen to crazy advisers give instructions on how to use oars and have a silly contest for the fastest canoe

. . . hug a friend and people call that making purple

. . . take another trip down that slip and slide and pretend there is no pain involved

. . . engineering a cardboard boat and test it on the lake for whose will stay afloat the longest is a team activity

. . . there is no other place on earth you can play "grassy games" with people you never met before and you leave with friends and a smile

. . . table manners are encouraged but still optional :)

. . . silliness is encouraged

. . . dancing is awkward

. . . you can learn to dance

. . . compete against 249 campers and lose to your sister

. . . make memories for a lifetime

. . . and the only good sleep may be on the bus ride home

FFA Camp Muskingum one of the best places on Earth!


  1. Thanks so much for this!!!! Camp Muskingum is amazing and I cant wait for my kids to get to experience it!!!! So many memories just came to mind when you posted all this! I am laughing so hard I nearly peed myself :)

    1. I was just telling my friend tonight who got be started blogging that I look forward to writing and sharing pictures. I always hope they will make someone smile. Glad you laughed. The world needs a little more smiling and laughing.