Monday, January 9, 2012

This is not a cooking blog

This is not a cooking blog nor will it ever become one.  On occasion though I may share a brief piece that may lead you to believe it is.  However it is not.  I cook nearly every day, but I will not post pictures or pretend to enjoy it.  I may occasionally post recipes that include beef and that are easy, good, easy, that my kids and husband approve and that may make your life easier. Since there are so few of these, you can see I won’t be posting a lot of blogs about cooking.

I am a rebel when it comes to meat storage.  Sometimes I find myself with leftovers, unthawed meat or meat that has been in the freezer for “awhile” and I don’t know the protocol.  Therefore I make up my own rules or I use to call my Grandma Poorman.  Her advice would always be very scientific for example, smell it or see if it’s slimy.  What? I think I may have eaten things that I should have thrown out, but only on a couple of occasions. J

I started marketing beef to several teachers, when I was teaching at Logan.  I really started doing it to promote beef, but then I started to learn and get feedback from beef consumers. It was awesome. I sold freezer beef to the former Family and Consumer Science Teacher and she gave me this link.  It changed my life.  I thought I should share.

After you read these guidelines don't you feel like a rebel.  There can't be very many people following all of these rules.

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