Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Thank You - Social Media

I am going to age myself – but when I was in high school and college I didn’t really have a cell phone.  My mom had a bag phone, I took on long road trips.  I know someone is laughing.  But that is the truth.  I still remember being on an FFA trip a few years ago, when I suddenly realized that it was the quietest trip I had been on.  Texting became popular.  We went from the 2-way Nextel, where you could hear everyone’s business (I loved that as an Ag. Teacher).  Now everyone is texting.  I swore I would never text and told my students it was just rude. I also said I would never be on Facebook.

I have said Social Media was not for me along with, at some point in my life this incomplete list:
-          Capris
-          Dresses (I like wearing a dress now and then)
-          Make up and eye brow waxing
-          Mini Vans (still fighting this one)
-          Moving out of Perry County
I have really grown to love Facebook.  It really makes me feel connected to people I rarely see.  I also selfishly enjoy the pick me up from many of the people on Facebook.  This list is by no means complete and is no particular order.

Top 10 Facebook pick me ups:

1.       Casey Wilson – posts inspirational life messages.  I don’t know if she steals these, or makes them up.  I just love them. For example:
You are living and loving and making your mark on the world. Make sure to leave a mark that can't be easily erased.

2.       Andy Vance – an up to date view on all things agriculture

3.       Daren Williams – a constant promotion and update on the beef world

4.       Jeremy Grove – a daily bible scripture posting, reminding us what we are really working towards.

5.       Sydney Kilbarger – for posting so many pictures of her lovely animals in places you usually don’t see animals – A True Animal Lover

6.       Fellow Mom’s
-          The ones’ with kids older than mine, so I can see what I should prepare myself for.
-          The ones’ that have kids the same age as mine, we are in this together (thanks to Facebook)
-          The ones’ with kids younger, so I can see what I have survived.
-          And especially the ones’ with the courage to tell the truth about motherhood, who post what really happens and sometimes with pictures. (we all know it’s not perfect – Thank You!)

7.       Hunters
-          I am not a hunter, but I do enjoy opening Facebook and seeing someone’s proud kill.


  1. Let's see if this works! Nice post, Janice!

  2. It did work and thank you for being a blog follower and my Facebook friend.

    1. Don't knock the mini-van. You will drive one some day. I love mine and one summer was told by a college kid, that I looked "good" in mine. I still don't have an facebook account, internet on my phone, I wear capris and I still live in Perry County. What does this make me? :)

  3. I doubt it on the mini van. You know you secretly want a Facebook page. I am going to make one and then you can say technically you didn't make it you just check it. bahaha I do wear capris - when I don't wear boots and jeans. Perry County is a great place - I'd move back in a second. All those things make you perfect - love ya.

    1. You will someday be back in Perry County! Love you, too!

  4. Save me a place in your room at the rest home. Not the one they have there now, the one they will put in with a movie theater and a bar. :)