Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jaelin singing my favorite ABC song.

Jaelin is in Pre Kindergarten and has been learning everything I learned in Kindergarten and more.  She is learning all of her alphabet.  Her teacher is an over achiever and is teaching them each letter, a song for each letter, how to write each letter and sign language for each letter.  All for the same low price.  Jaelin loves school, I think she has an excellent teacher and she likes her.  Life is good! I am sharing this song because it is funny and it is about steak. I think more of her for teaching them songs about beef and ice cream.

Can you bake a cake? 
Can you cook a T-bone steak? 
Can you make a chocolate malted? 

Can you boil a cup of water? 
Clean the dishes like you ought to? 
Can you bake a cake?