Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jaelin and her Dad's feeding dates

Jaelin woke up this morning whining, in our room.  It was only around 7AM and she was up late at a beef banquet. You know those nights, you put the kids to bed late and think they will sleep in. What law requires them to get up at their usual time. I finally got her to stop whining when I told her she could go out with her dad to feed the cows.  She instantly stopped and started looking for her snow pants she hasn't used since she spent most of the winter with Jake in the feed truck last winter at the yard. I told her they would not fit and she would have to dig out the new pair. She has been begging Jake daily to go out with him. However, the terrain here and the fact that Jake spends most of his day on a 4wheeler limits the time she spends out with him.  So she was excited to get the invite this morning and was dressed and out the door in no time.

Can you tell her mood changed by the time she reached the cab?

A beautiful morning sunrise over a bale spear. 
The cows are fed.

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