Monday, January 16, 2012

The girls get a life lesson in losing

Yesterday the girls pulled in the Sheridan FFA Alumni Pedal Pull.  I will add these girls spend more time in their motorized gator than they ever do pedaling any bike or tractor. The likely hood of them winning was fairly slim.

Jacie weighed in at 48 pounds and Jaelin weighed in at 42 pounds, even though they are two years apart.  This put them in the same weight class, which happened to be one of the most competitive classes .  I guess feeding them McDonald's pancakes on the way there was a bad idea. The prizes were awesome and the top 3 spots were walking away with really nice toy tractors.  The girls pulled.

Jacie and Jaelin didn't pull more than a few feet and three boys came up and got full pulls.  When Jacie realized she lost, she said "why didn't I get a prize".  Jake said "because you didn't pull the farthest and you only get a prize if you win".  She was disappointed. Life Lesson #225

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  1. The boys are excited to be featured in one of your blogs Aunt Janice!