Monday, January 2, 2012

for the love of beef (part 5)

It is the fall of 2000 I am a brand new teacher fresh out of college with only 9 weeks of student teaching under my belt. I have been put into a refurbished building and I am teaching science to 7-12 grade students most of which have been in trouble with the law (they neglected to mention this in the interview). By the end of the first day I was in a zoned out daze.  What am I doing?  I will not quit, but if I could survive was another story.  This will be a different blog or two.
Jake was still a college student at ATI so we met up on weekends and spent a lot of time together.  It has been nine months of romantic encounters, long nights talking and a few beef meetings.  It was Thursday night, Jake and I were attending a beef meeting at my old high school Ag. Room, where Dr. DeBruin was the guest speaker.  Dr. DeBruin was a former Agriculture Education teacher turned Veterinarian and an awesome educator for the beef community.  It was a great date night, so I thought.  Jake took me back to my parents where we usually stayed up too late watching television and then he would leave to go to his parents where he stayed when he was home from college. This night though, we didn’t get past the kitchen table. Jake was acting odd after the meeting.  Then he started in hmming around and not completing sentences and finally the words came out “maybe we should just be friends”.  We were already past going back to being friends.  We both knew that wasn’t going to happen.  It was now almost midnight, I was crying and we were clearly not going to reconcile this mess tonight.  Through my tears, I said just said - take me to Jackie’s.  So I called Mary and Jackie and of course we would have a girls night sleep over at Jackie’s house.  Jackie and I both had to be at work and Mary had college classes to attend in the morning, but because we were in our early 20’s we stayed up to 3AM bashing boys and eating junk food.  We resolved nothing, but I felt a little better. So at 6AM I got up, showered and went to work.  By lunch time Jackie and Mary had left a message they were both playing hooky.  Really you two, I am the one in emotional turmoil and you two are shirking responsibility.  When I returned from lunch there were flowers on my desk.  I secretly hate flowers, but the thought that Jake was sorry made me feel better. I immediately went to my desk to get the card, it read hope your day is getting better – Jackie and Mary.  You have to be kidding me, when I get out of here I am going to hunt my best friends down.  School finally let out and I headed home, I was exhausted.  I spend most of Friday night and Saturday laying around, moping and crying.  Jake however had headed to a steer show with my brother.  Jake called both Friday night and Saturday morning.  I am wondering – why are you calling me?  But I enjoyed every minute of each phone call.  Saturday I decided to make an appointment to cut all my hair off.  The kind of life changing hair cut a girl gets, when dumped by a great guy like Jake.  My hair was well past my shoulders and I cut it so short they shaved the back of my neck.  Saturday night, some of my teachers friends were going to BW3’s in Lancaster, so I said what the heck.  I walk in and there sat all of Jake’s friends.  SUPER!! They yell and ask me where Jake was.  I said at a steer show with my brother and we broke up.  It was nice to be out but still not much fun.  Jake called Sunday on his way home to ask if we could go to the Pizza Cottage.  Of course I wouldn’t turn down the Pizza Cottage.  By the end of the night we were back together.

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