Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I really love Target.  However, I have found their fault. I have been to Target probably 5 times this month and 2 of those times I have left a bag of things I purchased at the register.  I have never done this before not at Target or any other store.  Last night I went to Target to purchase a birthday present for my mother-in-law and left part of it at Target.  It probably was because the guy running the register left his register before we left his register.  Apparently he was in a hurry.  So tonight when I went to wrap the present, I realized that part of the gift was not there.  I called and they said, I of course could drive nearly an hour round trip to pick it up.  AWESOME! I don't know what I was thinking they would say, maybe don't worry we will deliver it. Bahahaha!  So we get there and the whole time I'm thinking that maybe I could ask for the bag I bought and was left there a month ago.  I was also thinking that since I had done this twice here that some how it really wasn't my fault.  I get in the store and the very nice customer service lady asked me what was in my bag and she then took several minutes digging through a bin looking for this bag I left yesterday.  I then asked her about the other bag and she retrieved a big three ring binder and started thumbing though hundreds of pages looking for my other purchase, which was 2 cans of condensed milk. She was not able to find that purchase.  If a company has an obviously large bin of bags left and an even larger list in a notebook of items that are paid for but do not leave with their customers, one has to wonder is this a marketing strategy or poor bagging techniques.  

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