Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jake and I - Business Partners

Jake and I spent the afternoon contemplating building an ark for all the rain that was coming down.  After we decided against that we worked on business and financial paperwork.  When Jake starts talking numbers all I really hear is lalala, How much is that going to cost?  How much will we make? How long is it going to take?  So after several emails, phone calls and faxes I told Jake we needed to go to town to get a couple things for my family’s Christmas Party this weekend.  We also needed to purchase a birthday present for his mom.  Her birthday is New Year’s Eve.  
The entire time we were shopping I was running numbers and visualizing our net worth.  So we were sitting at dinner at Bob Evans and neither of us was talking and the girls were using their coloring packets to play tic-tac-toe with random shapes and wondering what color the barn should be if the waitress only gave them orange and purple.  
When all of sudden Jake says, “you know what I was thinking, we may have 450 loads of extra dirt when they start digging the collection pond at the feed yard.”  I laughed and said “yes that is exactly what I was thinking”.  Actually I was thinking if the price of corn went up 15 cents today, should we sell or wait.  Is there a formula to calculate the price we could get out of corn before we have to start paying for storage.  Oh geesh should we sell or hold on to it?  What will happen to corn prices in 2012?  What are exports going to do? But I am interested in learning what 450 loads of dirt are worth.  

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