Monday, December 12, 2011


I was looking for a source of inspiration.  Sometimes I wonder if I am leading the life God intended.  This story sums it up completely.  I read this to say wherever you are is where you are meant to be.  Grow and learn from that.  Good luck in your journey!

Once, there was a man of good cheer. This man was the favorite friend of the King, and they did many things together. There was just one thing very particular about this friend – no matter what happened in life, might it have been good or bad, the friend would always respond, “This is good.” This was very annoying to most people, including the King, but he liked spending time with him.
One day, the King and his friend rigged up a gun and decided to try it out by going hunting. Something went terribly wrong when the King pulled the trigger. The gun somehow backfired and blew off his thumb. His friend commented in the usual way, “This is good.” Now this was too much to take even for the King. He grew very angry at his friend and had him thrown in jail.
About a year went by, and this time the King was out hunting by himself. He was in an area where he really shouldn’t be, but did not realize it. All of a sudden strange-looking bush people came out from everywhere, captured him, and took him back to their tribe. There they tied him up at the stake and put lots of wood around to roast him. The King grew even more fearful as he realized that these people were cannibals. While they started to get the fire going, one of them noticed that the King’s thumb was missing. Now these cannibals never ate anyone who wasn’t whole or healthy looking. They quickly untied the King and motioned him to get away from there. On his way back, the King thought about his friend in prison. He felt remorse and went to see him. “My friend, I see now how indeed, it was good that my thumb was blown off, or I would have been eaten by cannibals. Please forgive me for throwing you in prison.”“This was good!” the friend exclaimed.“Now how could it have been good for you to be in jail?”  “Well, my dear King, if I hadn’t been in jail, I would have been with you.”
Of course, the moral of the story is that we can't see beyond our fish bowl, and we need to trust that God has a good purpose for whatever hardships might befall us...

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