Sunday, December 11, 2011

2010 Calf was born

For the past three years I have created a photo book for the grandparents of the previous years pictures.  So this year is the year to make 2010.  I am terrible at taking pictures, I previously had a terrible camera and I am terrible at remembering to have my camera.  That is 3 terribles.  One would think that it would be impossible. But thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law who takes pictures of everything that I would need, I always have enough to pull it off.

While digging through the files of pictures on my old camera I found a gem for my blog. However they will not appear in the 2010 album. Although the grandpas would probably think that they should be included.

In 2010 we were still in Lancaster and we were calving cows.  It was late in the calving season and the girls and I had just pulled in from school.  Jake was leaving to head back to Wolfinger Farms, and said there was a cow about to calve and we should keep our eye on her.  The girls and I took that literally and grabbed the camera and hoped on the gator for a front row seat. I have lived on a cow/calf farm my entire life and until this moment had never seen a calf born naturally.  I had helped pull a few and we even have pulled couple out of impatience.  But this was going to be the first real live natural birth.  Lucky for you I had my camera.
The cow was off by herself. The first thing we saw were feet.
Two sure signs a calf was coming soon or the cow would need help.

And then a miracle of life.  Her midwife showed up to help. I have know idea how with four hooves.
 I couldn't believe we got to witness it.

The cow licked her calf off and it soon got up and nursed. 

I think Jaelin thought it would end up being a night check.
We want to name her Sally.
Sally a few days later - I was glad Sally was a heifer.

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