Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dear Politicians

Dear Politicians,

I've been sitting through a day long meeting at the Ohio Cattlemen's. We've had the opportunity to discuss policies with other cattle producers from different operations and with different goals.  I've decided there should be a lesson plan for politicians making laws on behalf of the agriculture people.  These are a few of the things (more to come) I would include in what should be a four year course we like to call High School Agriculture Education.

- water quality
- N, P, K (and what are the natural levels found in the soil)
- the different soils in the entire area you are making laws for
- no-till farming vs conservation tillage
- what is an agronomic rate (does this apply to people with a lawn)
- agriculture economics
- animal science (reproduction tract, digestive tract, and skeletal system)

This is a multiple choice question (just like the OGT).
- If you vote to decline the right for farmers to spread manure on their land.  What do you think they should do with this manure?
 a. recreate the digestive system for the cattle not to produce manure in winter months
 b. pile the manure next to the housing development that neighbors them
 c. use common sense to apply manure on days that fit the Ohio weather pattern allowing agronomic levels being applied to leach through the soil leaving natural fertilizer for the spring crop

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