Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

The Christmas Eve service at church was wonderful.  Although I know it is the same story every year, each year seems to mean something a little different.  This year I have been really caught up in the story of Mary.  Mostly I am astonished that she said yes.  I am even more at ah with the fact that she rode a donkey 9 months pregnant just for a census. I rode a mule to the bottom of the Grand Canyon when I was 2 months pregnant and I thought that was painful and scary at some points. 

I’ve been wondering the entire advent season if I am doing what God wants with my life.

The priest tonight spoke an enlightening homily that explained how much time we spend reading and watching the day to day lives of celebrities and politicians.  He was saying how these people really make the least difference in our day to day lives.  That really people like Mary and Joseph that were not popular celebrities make the biggest differences.  Then I started to think about the people that have made the most impact on my life and not one of them is a celebrity.  In fact there were several people that were in my life for just a brief time, but made a huge impact. It kind of makes me want to make a list but then I'd miss playing Santa and I'd leave people out. So here is the general list.
4-H volunteers
4-H members
FFA and all the people
FFA members
college professors
all the students I've taught
the teachers I've been in battle with
church families 

*I know I have forgotten people but I have Santa duties.
Merry Christmas and Thank You to all of the people who have positively changed or impacted my life.

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