Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas Day has been wonderful. The girls slept in and then we got up and opened gifts. Because I struggle with the disease of "is there enough under the tree", I took my good friend Tracie's advice.  She told me that there were 3 wise men who all brought one gift to Jesus and so she always got her sons 3 gifts.  If it is good enough for Jesus it surely good enough for my boys, she would say.  I agree Tracie and it worked wonderful.  Thanks for the advice. I also would like to publicly announce that I am eating my words that I always told my former students.  I bought a DS, yes I did buy a video game for my kids.  I told you I never would and you all told me that my kids would be gigantic dorks and they would be the only kids without video games.  I did not buy it so they would not be gigantic dorks, however I will add I bought all learning games. :)  

We then headed back towards Perry/Fairfield county to see our families.  Since my mom is a registered nurse in the ER she was working today.  We stopped by the farm to say Merry Christmas to my dad and brother.  We then enjoyed a wonderful lunch and company with some of Jake's Mom's family.  His grandparents have a historic home that is decorated for Christmas all year long.  We enjoyed the visit and I had a pleasant and inspirational talk with Jake's grandma about faith.  We then went to Jake's mom and dad's for a Wolfinger Christmas. Calvin and Katy came from his family Christmas and you would have thought that the girls had to wait 40 days and 40 nights for them to open presents.  Even better my brother and mom came over for supper.  My dad is feeling a little under the weather, so elected to stay home.  We had a great Christmas Day with family and I hope you enjoyed your day also.


  1. We adopted the 3 gift rule last year. When I was reminding the kids about it this year ... "Remember Jesus got 3 presents so you will be getting 3 presents." They are both listening and nodding their heads and Braeleigh looks at Brandt and says "Great, Jesus got spices!" Mmmm, yes that's true but they were very expensive back in the day!

  2. That is funny. I have missed seeing you. We need to get together for a farmer's wives meeting.