Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dream Bigger

Jake who I am surprised reads my blog and likes them, has this to say.  “Your blogs are long, I can’t believe you write all that and I can’t believe people are reading all that.”  This is the same man that is happy that Jacie is learning to read and hoping that she will read his farm magazines to him while he drives around and “road farms”.  So in honor of his concern this blog will be short.

I have a long bucket list.  This list started while I was sitting next to Emily Buxton at MFE in the winter of 1996.  This is a portion of it.
1.       Own more cows
2.       Own more land
3.       Celebrate 50 years of marriage with Jake
4.       Help my girls pay for education beyond high school
5.       Make my girls Halloween costumes
6.       Make curtains
7.       Sew a double wedding ring quilt
8.       Visit all 50 states
9.       Attend every county fair in the state
10.   Write a book

 Since dating Jake my dreams get bigger and I really feel, especially after our adventure to Nebraska that we can dream as big as we want.  I was reminded today by Toby Keith’s video for his new Red Solo Cup song that anything is possible.  I mean if you can write a song about a plastic disposable cup and make it a hit, anything is possible.  DREAM BIGGER  

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  1. I'm smiling because with the exception of 1, 2, and 3 ... your list is my list.