Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do we really want to live forever?

Why do the headlines read We Need to Ramp Up Research on Agriculture Research, in order to feed the ever growing population of this world? Drovers also reported that Harvard is releasing commentary about Processed Meat Leading to Diabetes. Turn the page and they say we are passing laws to restrict kids today from eating happy meals.  I eat terrible, I think I always have.  Not because we didn’t have a garden and mom didn’t try.  I just hate vegetables and most anything green.  I can and do make a meal out of carbs.  I’d rather cook desserts then a casserole.  They even made me sit at the table until I finished my vegetables.  I took the challenge and sat there until it was bedtime.  I believe now, it just taught me to be stubborn and bullheaded.   We just buried my grandma at 84 and she ate worse than me.  I was spending the day with her one day when I was in my late 20’s.  She said “do you want to stay for lunch?” I of course took her up on her offer.  She announced she was going to make pudding and bacon.  I don’t know how that fits into a food guide pyramid. I do know that there was a time in our country when people ate “processed meat” like bacon for a good part of the year.  We haven’t always had refrigerators. Oh, I also ate the bacon and pudding. J I am happy to say I live today to blog about it. We should continue to educate youth on eating better and help them make good choices. However, I believe when you become an adult in America you should be left a few choices, for example what you want to eat.     

We have laws that protect us from ourselves.  We have a law that is written to require you to wear a seatbelt.  I read once, the average person is in seven accidents in their lives.  I’ve been in eight thanks to Jake and his driving skills last month.  I always wear my seatbelt, because of a broken jaw incident in high school. I also believe if I don’t have a seatbelt on it leads me to be in a car accident.  But I believe it should be a choice not a law to wear a seatbelt.  If you want to take the risk to drive or ride without a seatbelt, it should be your choice.  I mean read the statistics and educate yourself, if you want to take the risk.  Feel free to do so.  I always tell people who ride with me my statistics in the form of my driving record and they usually buckle up.  Wouldn’t you?  I don’t believe minors should have the choice, just because your parents really own you.  I tell my girls I have too much invested in them, so BUCKLE UP! Again adults I feel you should make your own choice, live dangerously if you want. 

 Don’t even get me started on the rules for tobacco use. I understand that there are generations of Americans who grew up not fully understanding the health hazards of smoking.  I have always been confused by the students that I have taught that still smoke.  What you didn’t get the message that they will kill you?  I use to give this speech to my high school students (with complete sarcasm) about how I thought using tobacco was an awesome choice for the rest of mankind. First in for most you are supporting one of Agricultures oldest crops. Basically you are volunteering to purchase with your own money a product that is heavily taxed by our government, that you will mostly likely become addicted to.  You will be unable to blame anyone for your death because most tobacco products have a serious warning that all but says it will kill you. You are volunteering to shorten your life span and provide more space for our increasing population.  I thought this speech beat the one about don’t use tobacco it’s bad for you. Usually I just got a lot of perplexed looks.  This speech was always followed by do not use tobacco at school and never ever, ever, ever on my FFA trips.

I don’t want to live forever. I would like to live a healthy life.  I am also hoping I can do this by not changing my diet. J I hope I can live long enough to enjoy life and complete my bucket list that continues to grow and change.  George Strait has the best line “I ain’t here for a long  time, I’m here for a good time”. 

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  1. Well Janet I agree with you mostly. I don't want to live on this earth for eternity; but at the age of 70 I am looking forward to heaven. That will be an eternity with my Lord and Saviour. Keep up the good work. I like your blog.
    Judy Ritchie