Thursday, May 28, 2015

Giving and Receiving

Last summer on a trip back to Ohio I spent some of my time going through some of my Grandma's material and other sewing things.  I brought back to Nebraska with me quilt pieces she had cut out, that I thought I would sew together into a quilt I assumed she had planned to make. After the loss of everything in a house fire last fall, I miss the things I had of Grandma's a lot.  From the trip last summer I also brought back several large boxes of double knits that Grandma use to make almost everything out of. My cousins, sisters and I use to wear double knit shorts and tanks all summer made by Grandma Poorman.  

I gave these boxes of double knits to my wonderful friend Barb who is a Family and Consumer Science teacher.  She informed me last summer that double knit was back in style.  She spent the winter with her students making skirts and quilts.  I had forgot that I had given her the fabric until the other day when I went to visit her and she gave me a thank you note from her students.  The notes in the card offered many thanks for giving them material to help them learn to create skirts and quilts. I know that would have made Grandma happy.  I thought double knit would never come in style and wondered many times why Grandma kept all these boxes of double knits. Barb also gave me this quilt that her and her class made for me.  What a beautiful gift of memories and hope.


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