Tuesday, May 20, 2014

. . . and it all started in the FFA Van

I have two former students that landed phenomenal internships for the summer.  Tiffanie is in Texas with Cargill's Pork Division and Kayla is in Omaha with Monsanto.  I am able to follow a lot of their experiences through Facebook.  I couldn't be more proud.

Last weeks within hours of each other they both posted pictures of their new rides for the summer.

Kayla's new summer ride!

Tiffanie's new SUV for her internship.
It got me thinking about the Agriculture Industry and the reason so many Agriculture Educators are lured from the classroom into the industry.  I will add, neither of these students were pulled from the idea of teaching by expense accounts, trucks, travel (alone), fancy hotels or the many other things the industry offers that the classroom doesn't.

However it then got me thinking about the school van I was able to pack too much luggage in and all of the students as I headed out for COLT yesterday.  Driving a school van is not like a fancy company truck or SUV.  The liability and stress of driving seven other students is much higher than if I was just driving myself.  The fact that I must coordinate leave times, restroom stops, and destinations to eat with seven other people is more of a challenge than if I was in the industry calling on customers.
Do you hear the BUT coming?

BUT - It all starts in a FFA Van.  Both of the above students and several other ones along the way have learned to be on time, get along with others, travel, explore, and respect the property of others. I am proud of my past students that I have traveled with and the beginning of the journey with my new students. The FFA Van is where it all begins.

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