Sunday, February 23, 2014

4-H - Our First Steer Show

My Dad showed cattle,

Jake's Dad showed cattle, both Jake

and I showed cattle.

It was only a matter of time that our kids would start showing cattle. Nine years ago when Jacie was born I was teaching a group of students that are now getting married and having their own families.  They all knew I hated video games and loved cattle.  They asked "what if your kids don't want to show cattle and they want to play video games?"  I'd laugh and say "oh, they will love it and I'll never let them play video games.".   Late breaking news for all of you "Jacie loves showing cattle and still hasn't played a video game."

This was our first weekend out for the Nebraska Cattlemen's Classic. Jacie has had a wonderful time.  We were able to stall with some of Jacie's friends from school and it has made all the difference. Thanks for a wonderful weekend to all of the Sumner showman and families. I now must share a few photos, for our friends and family in Ohio.

Jacie enters showmanship.  To this point Jacie had never lead her steer more than 3 or 4 feet from her Dad or I. I was a bit nervous. Best advice I received this weekend came from another Dad "just let them go and they'll be fine".  And he was right.

The Judge was asking her a few questions.  She tells me later, he asked "what is his name?" She said, "New Moon".  He said "oh, Newman".  Clearly he watches too much Seinfield. Her face says it all.
 The next three are her friends from school . . . they were also in the same showmanship class.

This is Bart's first year also and he gets the Moxie Award for the weekend.  His steer bumped him around a lot the first day and he was offered help to lead his steer while he showed and he said "nope, I got it".  The next day, he went right back out there and did it again.  He says he wants to go again next weekend.  Do you remember your first years of knowing what you needed to do and your animal not cooperating and the frustration you felt? Ugh 

Jaelin was a great support all weekend.

Jake dusted off his clipper box and realized how rusty he was at clipping.
 I am confident he will get his confidence and skills back soon.

Jaelin - don't touch the hair. But I can't help it. I bet you are dying to know what is in that backpack.
Sorry - it's confidential. (hee, hee)

You still want to know, don't you?

Jake giving last minute instructions.

This is Mekenzie, she has been bittin' by the cattle showing bug. She showed all weekend, two steers and a heifer and also showed a heifer for someone else. She placed 6th in showmanship! She is a wonderful encouragement for Jacie.  Thanks - Mekenzie!

Mattison has a very correct and beautifully marked steer.  She is an excellent showman.
It has been a wonderful family fun weekend.  We are all exhausted. I will continue to update you on New Moon or Newman through the rest of the show season.


  1. Love ALL the pictures Janice! We had a great weekend too! We are glad to have some new "Showin' Buddies!" Can't wait to go to the next show with ya'll!

  2. I love watching kids learn to show. We had our first Spring show today and we have been told that we need to go every weekend now. :) Love it! I thought you might be interested in joining our Country Fair Blog Party where you can link up 1-3 of your blog posts to share with others. I hope you will come by and join us every week for a new party!