Thursday, January 23, 2014

What? - I got an award!

Thank you to Katie at Rural Route 2 for awarding me with this wonderful award and encouraging (making) me feel guilty enough to search for my password to my blog. This will hopefully jump start fortheloveofbeef back to the blogging charts for all of my readers 1000's of miles away wondering what Jake and I do all day in rural Nebraska.

It is a huge honor to receive this award from another farm wife/mom in rural America blogging about agriculture.

The award comes with a list of questions Katy has given me and then I get to award 10 more bloggers that will be shared with you and I get to ask them 10 questions.  Ohhh this is going to be fun! And here are her 10 questions, which are actually more like word associations.  I say ‘x’ and you say ‘?’.
  1. I say “farm”; you say . . . Feed Yard - most people don't know that agriculture is divided and sectors take great pride in names.  Agriculture type people also have different interests in different areas.  For example I grew up on a farm in Ohio we had cattle and crops.  My husband and I own a feed yard in Nebraska where we live now.  We care for beef cattle that will be fed until they are harvested for juicy steaks and burgers for you to share with your closest family and friends.  The last time I saw Katie this fall as corn prices were falling rather quickly I made a joke with her about how happy I was corn prices were finally coming down.  She raises corn and does not purchase it to feed to cattle, so she obviously doesn't think that is funny. We aren't all just a bunch of farmers!  My condolences to you on the corn markets Katie.
  2. Food: I've been cooking a lot since the move.  There really is only one place I care to eat here in Nebraska and that is Tub's Pub in Sumner.  Jake and I have date night there on Wednesday's while the girls are at AWANA, if he gets finished in time.  Yesterday a truck driver called to say he was going to deliver cattle at 6PM.  But, then he called to change it to 6AM. So Jake and I went for Rocky Mt. Oyster night. All you can eat for $14.00.  I passed and had a burger.
  3. Family: Almost my entire family is in Ohio.  :(  We have been adopted by a lot of great people here.  They love us like family and that is almost the same. 
  4. Winter: I don't like to be cold and mostly hibernate in the winter.  I look pathetic shivering and after our first year of marriage Jake rarely asks me to help him outside when it's winter.  I know if he asks - it is an emergency.
  5. Advocacy (for ag): I am an advocate for the Beef Industry and my message is "we provide a lot of choices organic, grain fed, grass fed, choice, prime, ground, steaks, gravy, no gravy - EAT BEEF!" 
  6. Soil: Oh the wind!  This Buckeye is not bred for the Nebraska wind.  We had 60 mph wind the other day, it was crazy.  I have never experienced anything like that.  The soil blew and blew - there was a lot of real estate moved that day.  However on days like that I am thankful I don't live in a teepee and this isn't the dust bowl.  
  7. Sun: Sunshine makes me happy and I am dependent on it like a drug.  If the sun doesn't shine, I become grouchy.
  8. Seed: This is such a question from a grain farmer :)  I feed seeds to my cattle Katie.
  9. Game: Do you mean board or wild? Because we have been playing sequence and listening to coyotes.
  10. Garden: I don't have a garden. I would have to irrigate it and "ain't nobody have time for that". Just kidding people do irrigate gardens here - just not the Wolfingers.
These are the 10 bloggers I am awarding in no particular order:

My 10 questions . . .

1. Describe your Agriculture Operation.
2. What Agriculture Operation would you never do and why?
3. When was the last time you vacationed (agriculture events do not count)?
4. What is your least favorite food?
5. If you could make a t-shirt today - what would it say?
6. What is the last thing you pinned on pinterest?
7. What are you cooking for supper?
8. Who are you following in Basketball right now?
9. When was the last time you ate beef?
10. What is your most motivational Bible verse?

Thanks Katie for the blog CPR - we needed it.

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