Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Poorman Cousin Reunion 2013

I was lucky enough like many of you I imagine, to grow up with three cousins that lived very close to us.  We spent most of the summer together with our 4-H projects, riding bikes and making mud pies.  We fought over show sticks and made up over Keebler cookies on the front porch.

This past weekend Jodi organized a reunion of sorts at her home in Wilmington.  We all came (except Jason) with our children. We left from the farm Sunday and traveled in two cars for the nearly two hour trip. We arrived to the very excited host Jarrod.  He was very excited for kids to join him in the backyard where his parents had prepared a kids size party pad with a pool, bounce house and play set. That provided entertainment for the entire day.  RJ the oldest of the second cousins helped set up the tents, preparing what most people suspected would be a short night in the tents for the younger ones. However, the kids were so tired they went to sleep, unable to be woken until morning.

We left on Monday for what turned out to be a tremendous trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.  Growing up in central Ohio, I have never enjoyed a trip to the zoo.  Every zoo I have ever been to usually ended up as an expensive walk, leaving without seeing many animals.  With Monday being cooler, this zoo trip was awesome with all the animals outside and playing.  The exhibits were set up for optimal viewing, including an underground view of the Polar Bear tank and being able to watch the bears swim.

It was a great reunion . . . who is planning the 2014 Poorman Cousin Reunion.  Jason?

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