Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The muddy, no snow day.

The girls have not been in school since last Thursday, because of snow.  The base school called off this morning, a few minutes later an automated phone call came from the St. Mary's principal saying even though the buses were not running, they were holding classes today.  The girls were excited to go back.

My carpooling friend took our girls to school.  I volunteered to go pick them up.  On my way to pick them up I noticed the sunshine had come out and unfortunately it brought it's friend mud.  Then I encountered this . . .

Yes it is a dozer on a trailer they were bringing into the well site along with a dump truck full of gravel.  Don't ask me what size.

I was able to get around the truck and dozer and made it to school on time to pick up the girls.

I returned home with the girls for the road to be blocked again by the same truck and trailer.

This time they were loading the same dozer back up.  Apparently the job they needed to do took the same amount of time it took me to go and get the girls.  We waited patiently.  Jacie started working on her homework.  Then they asked their series of questions and debated their answers.

Jaelin: "Why doesn't he have a coat on?" (one of the men was in short sleeves)
Jacie: "I know when their is snow on the ground, you should wear a coat."
I am thinking the heavy equipment driver doesn't care if the girls think he should wear a coat.

Jacie: "Aren't they going to strap that thing down?"
Me: "Yes, Jacie I think that is what the man upfront is doing."

They were finally loaded up and the questions continued.
Jaelin: "Why are you staying so far back?"
Me: "When people are moving equipment, you need to stay back and let them have room to work."

I also thought they might be backing up into this area to get out.  But then I realized that is why they are on the road - duh!

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