Friday, February 15, 2013

INSANITY - calving still hasn't started

More than a month ago, I wrote about Jake and I beginning the Insanity Workout. I also gave a list of reasons I really didn't want to get started.  Those reasons are still very much real.  However Jake and I, much to my surprise have survived the first half of the Insanity Workout.

The workout is difficult, the first week was awful. The second was a little better and by the third and fourth you feel like you are handling it.  Shawn T, talks a lot about not compromising your form.  Well my form is pretty much always compromised but I am improving.

The girls really enjoy doing the Insanity tapes, briefly of course.  I enjoy watching them workout. Jacie likes to yell "come on ya'll", just like Shawn T does.

The results have been disappointing, Jake has lost no weight and I have gained 5 pounds.  However Jake talks all the time about how much better he feels.  I too feel healthier and it has curved some of my junk food eating.  I really wasn't thinking that working out makes junk food feel bad in your body. Honestly, I am little disappointed about this. I really like junk food.

We are about to start Insanity Max - which is the second round of Insanity.  I am really nervous about Insanity Max. Because I miss calculated the AI date in my head (I should have checked my blog), we will likely finish Insanity before the heart of calving season.

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