Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cows that work the system.

The cows here graze year around.  There are only two reasons they are fed hay.  1) They will be fed hay if they must be moved closer to the barn during calving, into a pasture that has already been grazed.  2) If there would be snow deep enough that they would not be able to graze through.  Although we have received a few inches in the last few days and we are forecasted to get more snow in the next couple days.  This group of particular cows I am about to show you do not follow under either of the two exceptions I have mentioned, for being fed hay.  However Jake is a cowman and I believe they know that.  I also think they believe he is a bit of a sucker.

So here are the cows wondering around the pasture as if they are looking for something.  This usually means they are looking for feed.  They know that we know there is grass there to eat.  They were grazing yesterday.


Look girls, all the wondering around pretending to look for feed worked. Here comes Jake . . .


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