Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The unrealistic weatherman and hardworking Americans

Why do the weatherman reports always start with the complaining of what we are about to see?

The truth about weather is there are very few days that we would deem as perfect.  I would really like days of sunshine that aren't too hot.  I would enjoy the days that we get no rain or snow, but that do not lead us into drought. I would enjoy sun without being sweaty. These days I would like rain without mud. Then there is the reality of Mother of Nature, who rarely gives you what you want, but will eventually will give you what you need.

Recently one of my former students posted on facebook, "it better be nice when I get off work, I am so tired of working when it's nice outside". It really made me think about how proud I am of all the students that I have taught that are working and contributing to our society.  I know some of them aspire to be in other jobs and I think goals and working hard to get ahead is what this country is all about. Good luck to all of you working your way up.  

Jake works outside all day almost everyday.  He works when the weather is nice, extremely hot and extremely cold and all the days in between.  I am happy that when we need groceries, gas, insurance and many other services, there are people that have made those things their days work.  I love America and all the people who contribute and spend beautiful days inside and time away from their family and friends to show up to work. It kind of makes me want to break into the song that Alabama sings Forty Hour Week (For A Livin').

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