Thursday, January 31, 2013

How smart are cows?

After the coal was harvested from these hills, I have to assume that the topography of the land and the drainage was affected.  Although I have no proof of that I have heard stories of a man that is now gone to a better place digging drainage ditches in this field in order for it to naturally drain.  After the hard work was done he was able to harvest crops and graze cattle.  The work done by this man was a gift to the planet that is still being taken advantage of today.

The cows were here about a month ago in the bottom.

The above pictures show cows grazing in the bottom, that would likely be too swampy without the design of the ditches.

The cows came out to the bottom (a sign of wanting to be moved) on Tuesday. You can see that on When to move the cows?

Hay is also made from this field to feed cows that need to be fed during calving and deeper snows.

If you remember from yesterday the cows that were moved had to be brought across this bottom ground.
After last nights rain, the ditches weren't enough and the bottom is now flooded. Had the cows not come down two days ago, they would have been trapped in that previous pasture I told you about yesterday for a few days.

So how smart are cows? 

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