Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Darin - owner of Na-Da Show Cattle

Jacie in her independence to get ready for sled riding found this ear warmer from Jake's college days.

Jake was my brother's roommate (see for the love of beef (part 2)). However what has never been blogged about is their other roommate "Lippy" who's real name is Darin.  Darin did not grow up on a farm, however did grow up in a rural community.  ATI is a two year school, Darin spent something like eight years there on and off. He did graduate the second time there with Jake. While he was there with all of the cattle people and "steer jocks" he came up with his own cattle company called Na-Da Show Cattle meaning not a one, not one single calf.  It is funny and very creative.  Darin is a heck of a good guy.  He was a groomsman in our wedding, he came to Nebraska to visit us and Jake and him call each other often.
Darin and my brother Jason in Colorado.

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