Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Chair with a Purpose

We were visiting with my brother this weekend and I brought home with me my Grandma Poorman's old sewing chair.  I had recently saw someone who refurbished an old office chair with color.  I thought I would work on it over the next week. I stopped on our way home and found a piece of fabric.  However Jake then got very interested in the project and then he took over.  So he finished it.

First he took the back off . . .

Then he pulled all the staples out  . . .

He cut the padding to fit. We used quilt batting, but you could use foam. Mostly just use whatever makes your butt happy.

Then cut the fabric larger than the piece you are covering.  Check the size of the piece you took off. Pull it tight and staple on backs side.  Watch how you pull, not to cause any wrinkles.

The final product.


  1. Nice job Jake, didn't know he was so creative. Vern and I are in the midst of a project ourselves, we pulled up that old ugly blue carpet in back bedroom and bringing the oak floor to life, making it my office so far so good.

  2. Jake really like to take thing apart and put them back together. Good luck on your project, can't wait to see it.